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Lithium battery cells in the third quarter of 2018 are estimated to increase by 5~15%

Lithium battery cells in the third quarter of 20..

According to the latest survey by EnergyTrend, the state of cobalt metal, the price of cobalt metal in the first quarter of

2018 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition

2018 China International Textile Machinery Exhib..

China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition (ITMA ASIA + CITME) from "China

How to properly install planetary gear reducer accessories

How to properly install planetary gear reducer a..

Before installation, make sure that the motor and planetary gear reducer are completely non-destructive,

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  • Printing Industry SIELI Industrial Drive Technology

    Printing Industry SIELI Indu..

    We are talking about the printing industry, including lithography, flexographic printing, labeling machines, etc. In applications, SIELI magnetic powder clutch brakes are often used for tension control when rewinding and unwinding, where the labeling machine requires extremely high precision.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry SIELI Industrial Drive Technology

    Pharmaceutical Industry SIEL..

    The medical industry is a key development industry in the future, with a wide variety of products and related equipment, with a variety of specific needs. SIELI clutch brakes are widely used in medical clinical equipment to help secure the transmission components and disconnect the drive load.

  • New Energy SIELI Industrial Drive Technology

    New Energy SIELI Industrial ..

    SIELI's range of products are widely used in the new energy industry. There are a variety of models and production processes in the new energy source to meet the output of complete products, such as SIELI's magnetic powder clutch | brake can be used for tension control in retractable winding,

  • Food Industry SIELI Industrial Drive Technology

    Food Industry SIELI Industri..

    One of the key advantages of SIELI's high-precision planetary reducers is “no grease leakage”. SIELI planetary reducers use high-viscosity, non-separable grease to prevent grease leakage and meet the needs of the food industry. Safety requirements;

  • Agricultural Machinery SIELI Industrial Drive Technology

    Agricultural Machinery SIELI..

    With the improvement of the level of agricultural modernization and the implementation of the rural infrastructure policy, the agricultural machinery industry has achieved remarkable development. At present, agricultural machinery covers almost all aspects of agricultural production, including agricultural power

  • Robot | Artificial Intelligence SIELI Industrial Drive Technology

    Robot | Artificial Intellige..

    SIELI planetary reducers have a wide range of applications in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Due to the difference in application types, the requirements for planetary reducers are not the same; The multi-axis architecture of the robot industry and the long-term working characteristics determine the reliable, stable and repeatable accuracy of the

  • Machine Tool Industry SIELI Industrial Drive Technology

    Machine Tool Industry SIELI ..

    Milling machines, lathes, drilling machines and sawing machines are used in CNC machine tools. The main applications are SIELI hydraulic brakes, high-precision planetary reducers within SIELI3 arc, and SIELI air spring systems.

  • Packaging Equipment SIELI Industrial Drive Technology

    Packaging Equipment SIELI In..

    Nowadays, packaging equipment has higher and higher requirements for efficiency, which makes higher requirements for industrial drive products. SIELI has long adhered to the concept of product quality as the core and has become a trusted partner of customers; Most of SIELI's products can be used in packaging machines, shrinking machines,

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